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I finally started to list items on Etsy today.
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Blah! I'm not updating this journal much.
For more frequent updates, click the to get to my blog.

Quick update:
1. We finished painting the lounge in black and white, it look smashing!
2. I got a stalker who also rips off my ideas!
3. We booked a trip to Spain at our favorite hotel.
4. The dog shelter wants to give us an English Bull Terrier for free since
they think that we have the best home a dog could ever have.

If you wish to buy my art, please send me a message, I do accept PayPal.
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I say thank G*d for proper coffee!
Today I'm gonna start painting the lounge even though the
damn Labyrinthitis is worse than friggin' ever!
I'm only gonna do one side of the room but it's enough to
knock me out.
Gonna give the wall a fresh coat of white paint and then
paint the coving and the skirting boards black.
Hopefully it's gonna be stylish.

We got tons of things to do now after the plasterers was
here last week, I got like half a house to paint!
I finally got my say and gonna paint the stairs as a piano,
black on the steps and white in the vertical bit.
Woho! :)
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I can't believe that the entire UK stopped because
of 20 cm of snow the other day!
The schools are still closed, many people are staying
home because they don't want to drive on the slippery
roads and the London traffic totally jammed and had to
be closed off.
I'm from Sweden so I just laugh at the hysteria.
We can start talking when there's 120 cm of snow, that's
more like it!

I myself are way behind with everything at the moment!
The damn Labyrinthitis came back and that makes it very
hard for me to function as normal.
Think constant seasickness.

Today I need to clean the house, finish some craft projects
and pack some packages that's gonna be sent off tomorrow.
Tomorrow we're having a lot of plastering done to get rid
of the horrible Artex that's covering most of the walls.
We got a sweet deal and we can't wait to get the house in
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I'm back on the crafty track!
Today I revamped a vintage vanity set.
My first plan was to use Marilyn Monroe but she actually
turned out to be too plain for the project so I used my
old faithful Bettie Page.

I've got so much good feedback on Craftster lately, which
I really needed.

I've also made some hair flowers lately and I plan to make
a leopard printed blouse.
I found one in a Swedish web shop but I thought it cost
way too much and it wasn't really my thing.
(It was a blouse you tie in the waist.)

What else?
Been gossiping with my girls and can't wait to meet my
friend Miss E in Birmingham at an rockabilly event in March.
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There's not a lot going on lately.
Everything had been standing still since Bettie Page died.
I don't feel very creative and I sure miss car boot sales.
I really need something to revamp!

I haven't done much craft at all, I managed to make new cool
curtains for the kitchen window and I've made some bracelets
but that's about it at the moment.

We took care of an English Bull Terrier puppy over Hanukkah
and I cried my eyes out when we passed her on, even my man
She was the sweetest little white thing since Pixi, my old
Bull Terrier, and I still miss her dearly.

I'm now looking forward to a new and much better year.

Happy new year everyone!
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I just changed my age to 29.
It felt good to be 28, so far 28 have been my favorite age.
I can't believe it's my last year as a 20-something.
10 years ago I didn't think I would be alive to see this day.
(I was a very unhappy bunny back then.)

It was my birthday the 5th of December and I had a swell
time with lots of presents, good food and cool music.

My man took me on a secret road trip to St. Albans where we
had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant, Sazio.
We also went into a charity shop where I found two handbags
from the 1950's for only 75 pence each.

When we came home I put the coffee maker on and my lovely
man surprised me with a birthday cake.

In the evening we went to see Slim Slip & The Sliders who
wished me happy birthday from stage and dedicated my
favorite song.
I was a little bit annoyed that I couldn't have a Baileys
and a jive because of the damn Labyrinthitis.

I got a big package from Sweden.
The ever so lovely Ingrid had sent me a present with a
lot of girlie stuff.

I got:
* £50 from my dad,
* Carnivale, series 1 on DVD from my man,
* A glittery 1930's apple juice Bakelite bangle from my man,
* A card, black gingham panties, a shower cap with pinups,
a strawberry face mask and a very pretty vanity case from my
best friend Ingrid,
* A laptop from my man and his mother and brother.
(I will get it later this month and I hope it's red.)

Click the… to see pictures.

I will always love you.
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I've been totally shut down for a while due to depression.
I haven't updated this site or even been logged onto MySpace.
I guess I have a lot to get updated on...

I've been doing some craft while I've been ill, it's my kind
of Prozac nowadays.
Mostly I've been gluing hair-flowers and revamped stuff I
found on car boot sales or the flea market.

I found a Bull Terrier that I'm still waiting to hear about.
I filled in an adoption form about 5 weeks ago, I got nothing
but time so I just sit and wait.

I also made new curtains for the lounge!
What a difference! What an improvement!

Feel free to read my blog where I rant, post pictures of my
latest finds and so on...
Click the
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I'm finally back from Spain!
Went to the High Rockabilly festival in Calafell in Spain and stayed an extra week to recover.

I got the flu the day before we left home but I must say I was a trooper.
I sold hair-flowers, made new friends, drank pink bubbly and saw some cool bands.
Feel free to check out the pictures in my High Rockabilly album on myspace, click the….
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I feel like such a dork.
I'm not used to have 629 new messages after just a week.
I've been in Stockholm, Sweden for a week and I got a
huge shock when I logged in here today.

I wanna thank everyone involved for making my Red gingham
sun top a DD July 13.

Thank you all for your lovely comments, you really boosted
my ego and I can't wait to create something.
I don't think I can find time to say thank you on all 480
activity messages but I will at least reply to all the
comments I've got.
So far I'm not even half way done.
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I've been very productive the last couple of days.
I've made tons of hair-flowers, I revamped a wicker handbag
and I gave birth to four new bags.
I also put tons of stuff up on Tradera, some stuff wasn't up
for longer than 15 minutes, guess I've done good.

Yesterday I helped Marks brother to clean his new apartment.
While I was cleaning I found a very nice 1950's crockery set
from Staffordshire Potteries (England).
He's not into the 50's at all so I asked if I could have it
if I got him a new crockery set and he said yes.
I really don't need another set but I couldn't resist.
I don't know anything about the set yet but I'm gonna do
some online research.
Click the… to see the set.

We're going to Stockholm, Sweden in a few days!
I can't wait to see my friends and run around all over town
in my favorite charity shops and flea-markets.
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We got a new car the other day!
It's an modern red metallic everyday hot rod with
some cool custom parts.
My man is so in love with that car.
Like yesterday, we ended up going to Hitchin to see
a big band play, we both wanted to see the band but
we went mostly to cruise in the car. HA HA HA!

I'm in a clearing mood.
I want to get rid of the rest of the vintage clothes
and I want to get rid of stuff we don't need.
Tradera doesn't work really well right now so I might
try a bit later.
I must get my thumb out and put stuff up on etsy, they
got a much lower fee and the stuff is up for a much
longer time than Tradera allows.

My creative mood is also back.
The last couple of days I've been making a lot of
hair-flowers and I finally revamped a wicker bag my
darling gave me months ago.
I'm gonna make a new leopard printed jute bag with
bamboo handles in a minute.
I got 11 pair of handles the other day.
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On Thursday me and my guy had a really nice day.
We went to St. Albans by bus, it took us 90 minutes,
by car it would have taken us about 25 minutes.
(I can't wait until he can drive again.)

We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, all you can
eat for £5.95, so we did and it was very delicious.
Do I have to add that I didn't have any room for
dinner last night? *smirk*

There was also a French market going on with fresh
garlic, dried fruit, handmade soaps, candy apples and
bread that smelled like it was baked in heaven.

Finds of the day was dried strawberries for me and Mark
got himself a new leather belt.
I also found a black leather handbag from the 1950's
for only 50 pence.
It's very plain but I might pinstripe it cool.

Today we went for a little shopping spree.
I'm currently boycotting Primark because they use
children younger than 8 years old as labor and that's
not really kosher in my book.
So we went to Matalan, I haven't been there for some
time but I always ending up finding very cool stuff
with a very retro feel and good prizes, like today.
I walked out of there with two sexy pairs of polka dot
espadrille wedges and a very sunny top.
My guy treated me to one of the pairs.
Picture of the black espadrilles…
Picture of the red espadrilles…
Picture of the top…

And this is how I look today...…
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I've been totally busy with my darling's birthday party.
On Friday I cooked and baked for 8 hours!
I made a Lebanese style buffet with hummus, falafel,
garlic dip, lentil burgers, couscous with red and yellow
fried peppers, chicken, a green salad and pita bread.
The falafel was gone in a blink of an eye.
I made my darling a coffee cake with coffee icing and
funny candles saying "Old Git".
(English slang for a stupid/silly/annoying person.)

Me and his brother got him all three DVD-boxes with the
original series of Star Trek.
He said that it was the best birthday present he ever got.
Bless my little nerd.

Yesterday was his actual birthday so we took the bus to
two old market towns not far from where we live, to look
around and just relax.
I made a real cool find in one of the charity shops, a very
cute tea jar with a lid in teak from the 1960's.
When I saw it I knew it was Swedish right away because no
one else made colorful pottery like that back in the days.
(Anita Nylund for JIE Gantofta.)
Best of all was the prize, 75 pence!
Click the… to view the jar.
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There's been a lot of trouble in paradise lately but we're working on it.
We finally decided to go to my hometown, Stockholm, Sweden in the beginning of July!
I have to call some friends and see if we can stay over for about a week.

I also been making a lot of new pieces of clothing from those 1940's patterns I've got the other week.
I love how the bikini tops turned out.
(Yes, I will post pictures in my gallery.)

The weekend just passes a friend of ours took us to a local car
boot sale since we haven't done anything
for 6 weeks and we're basically climbing the walls.
We got some finds, I actually haggled for a change, I got a nice bag for 50 pence instead of £1.
My sweetheart treated me to a pair of two toned shoes to wear with slacks, as he said.

Today I went out with Angela, we went to a lot of charity shops and I actually managed to come across some finds, that rarely happens in charity shops around here.
I've got...
A vintage yellow plastic pearl necklace.
A wooden vase for our Tiki corner.
A Nubian figurine.
3 pairs of vintage seamed stockings.
A cute little vintage glittery purse.
Everything from the 50's or early 60's, of course.
(Guess I don't have to tell you.)
I'm SO fed up.
Even though I have tons of projects I still feel bored and fed up.
I start to get the feeling that I'm a big restless lioness in a tiny cage just dying to get out.
I want to go somewhere, proper traveling, but I can't because Mark's arm is not yet healed.
We had a huge argument today as well...

I've been very creative lately and I have some projects I'm working on.
Made tons and tons of hair-flowers and hair bands.
I even started to make the "I'll do it later"-pile smaller by fixing and revamping some bits
yesterday. I'm hoping to finish the skirt I started before this weekend is over.
The weather has been really shitty so I don't have to feel bad about staying indoors.

I don't know what to do really other than bite the bullet and keep on making stuff.
If I didn't have craft I would have lost my mind.
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I've been sitting by the sewing-machine the entire morning.
I needed a break so me and my darling went for a walk and
on an abandoned lot not far from our house we found two
pink plants that's called "Grandma's Bonnet", so we decided
to dig them up on the way back. So we did. :)
I planted them in the flower-bed in the backyard and it looks
so pretty and lush.
I also planted out two pink Pelargonium and our two huge
basil plants in two big pots and arranged the mint I planted
last year and put the pots by the back entrance.
It looks so nice and colorful. :D

When I first moved here the backyard was very dull, so last
summer we started to dig a flower-bed along the fence and
it's already full and very much in bloom.
Earlier this year my darling built a 1950's style patio in the
back and a last week we also finished a BBQ-pit.
We're so house proud. :D


Yesterday was a very nice day.
I made American pancakes served with bananas, fresh, sweet
strawberries and Maple syrup for breakfast.

Mark joined me on my walk after breakfast.
We ended up at my favorite local home furnishing store who
had a sale on!
I got a very pretty bed set, white with pink cherry blossoms
for only £9
and two lamp shades with a Tiki-feel for £2.50 each.
I'm thinking about going back tomorrow to get a new kitchen
bin that matches the toaster and the kettle.

On our way back we saw a gorgeous little white English Bull
Terrier puppy, she was only 11 weeks old and a real rascal. :D
I threw my bags and sat down on the ground to get a proper
cuddle. It was heaven.
I felt a bit blue because I missed Pixi. :(

The afternoon was spent in the shed, I finished the polka dot
curtains and yesterday we put them up, Mark said it now looks
like a playhouse. :)
We also started to clear the shed, got rid of tons of boxes and
other crap we won't need.
We're gonna have a bigger clear out in the near future.
I now believe Mark whenever he tells me I'm the best girl he
ever had because I even cleaned the windows on the shed! :D
If you're gonna do something, why not do it properly?

Oh yeah, I also made tons of hair-flowers.
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I made a new bag yesterday.
I'm not 100% satisfied with the result, I feel that there's something missing.
I was thinking about adding some exotic flowers on one side because I think
it would be pretty with the bamboo handles and the leopard print.
I really need a good advice. Please.

Click the… to see the picture.
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Been utterly busy, taking care of Mark and selling vintage clothing in my web-store.
I actually got the thumb out and fixed some clothes that I've been meaning to do
for about 2 years now but never got around to do it until now, I'm gonna put them
up for adoption today or tomorrow.
I also made some new hair-flowers that sell like ice cream on a very hot day.

Earlier this week I finally made new curtains for the music room, looks very cool and
best of all, Mark loves them. They are white with black music notes.

The weather has been really great, nice and sunny.
I started making a BBQ-pit in the back garden and I also painted the fence.
We been having our lunch and dinner on the patio everyday until it got cloudy two
days ago.

I've been experimenting with ice lolly's.
How does Kahlúa and milk lolly's sound?
It turned out to be very nice on a hot day.

Hemsby rockabilly weekender is on as we speak.
Mark is kind of blue because he can't go because of his wrist.
I don't mind too much, I prefer the Rockabilly Rave but we can't go to that either.

Got a package from my best friend today!
She sent me a tin of strawberry lip-balm, a strawberry face-mask, Bettie Page stationary
and best of all, a sugar skull!
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I'm on a mission, I'm taking my new role as a nurse very seriously.
As you probably already figured out, Mark went through the operation.
He's my brave little trooper.
We use natural remedies to make him heal faster and healthier, it takes
a big amount of time to make sure he gets the right stuff on the right
time but I'm sure it will pay off in the end.

In between the time taking care of Mark I battle my panic attacks and
try to loose some weight that I unfortunately put on after my operation
since I couldn't exercise normally. I still don't function as normal but I
give it a damn good try.

We finally got the patio-set and I got the thumb out and got rid off all
the weeds in the flower-bed in our back garden, I also put the pink
Flamingos out so I guess it's officially summer.

Yesterday was a nightmare.
I went into town to run some errands and I ended up waiting in line for
almost 40 minutes at the post office.
I only had two packages and thought it wouldn't take that bloody long.
I did treat myself afterwards with a really neat top with a 50's style
print, a tank-top with red and white stripes and a sliky set of a pink bra
and panties with white polkadots.

My plan for today is to make curtains for the music room and hopefully
put some more stuff up on Tradera when Mark wakes up from his nap.